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Ultra Analog VA-2 Pack

The Integration Pack for Ableton Push and Applied Acoustics’ Ultra Analog VA-2  



This is the instant way to use Appled Acoustics’ Ultra Analog VST Plug In properly from inside Push.

Quickly integrate Ableton’s Push and Appled Acoustics’ Ultra Analog VA – 2

The Ultra Analog Integration Pack will allow you to:

  • Find Ultra Analog and all its factory presets inside your Push menu
  • Browse through the 700+ factory presets from Push’s screen in their categories  (Ambient, ARP, Bass, Effect, Keys, Lead, Orchestral, Organ, Pad, Percussive, Polysynth, Signature- Richard Devine, Voice)
  • Load up any of the presets from Push
  • Control the knobs and sliders on Ultra Analog using Push’s knobs (and record your tweaks using Ableton’s automation function)
  • Unlock Push’s step sequencer, in key and exotic scales functions for all the Ultra Analog presets