FAQ, Troubleshooting, Support


1. Which platform/Push do the packs work with? Mac OSX and Windows; Push 1 or Push 2; Ableton Live 9 or 10 (standard or suite)
2. Do they work with Ableton 64 bit as well as 32bit? Yes, so long as the VST itself has a version which works with Live 64bit, then the packs will too. So if you’re using your VST with Live 64bit, the pack for that VST will work.
3. Will they work with my own presets or extra ones I’ve bought?¬†They will only work with the presets specified in the product description. However, you can load up one of our racks, then change the preset to one of yours on the VST screen, then save – you will then have one of our fully configured racks for your own presets.

4. Is there a demo available? Yes. If you want to try any of the packs, join our Facebook Group and PM us with your preferred pack,; we will send you one for free within 24 hrs (any pack, including for Serum, Diva, Sylenth, or any individual instrument from Arturia V Collection 5 or 6 (except Omnisphere and Analog Lab) . A way to demo the packs instantly is to download one of our free packs on these pages – the Zebra2 pack or the Zebralette pack, and follow the installation instructions on our site. If you don’t have either of these VSTs then you can get the Zebralette free from the U-He site – it’s an excellent synth and worth downloading anyway. Note though that it doesn’t have 128 tweakable parameters like most of the other synths – you’ll be able to control 6 banks of 8 parameters from Push, but not as many as you will with our other packs (which usually contain 16 banks of 8 parameters). But the Zebralette pack still works as a great demo – it will allow you browse and load up the presets from Push; use Push’s full capabilities with them (e.g. melodic step sequencing, in key mode, exotic scales, etc) and tweak/automate Zebralette’s parameter knobs from Push’s encoders.


1. When I load up the preset, the rack appears with the preset name but it is empty/the VST has not loaded. You are probably using the AU version of the instrument – you need to use the VST. Go to Live’s preferences and switch off the ‘use AU’ button.
2. The Spark racks don’t seem to be configured properly – only some of the pads correspond to the right drum sounds. As per the installation instructions, please go to Spark’s preferences. Change the Drum Midi Map and Midi Map preferences to ‘General Midi’. Also ensure the ‘host’ light is switched off. Then reload Spark. The pads will now be configured correctly, you will not need to change the preferences again.
3. I cannot find the banks of parameters to control with Live’s encoder knobs. For all instruments except Spark hit the ‘device’ button on Push. Then hit the ‘in’ button (right facing arrow) twice. The banks will now appear. You can now change and automate your VST’s parameters from Push. For Spark hit device, then tap the bass drum (bottom left pad) lightly so that ‘bass drum’ appears on the bottom left of Push’s screen (it shouldn’t need to make a bass drum sound). Then hit the ‘in’ button twice – the parameter banks will now appear.
4. The macros are empty on Push’s screen. There are only 8 macros and in most cases there are 128 parameters which you could map to them. We have mapped them into banks for you and you can find them there. If you wish, you can map the 8 parameters you’ll be using most for a particular project to the 8 macros. That way they will appear on the initial screen of Push when you hit ‘device’. To do this, go down to the rack and hit the black arrow button next to the name of the VST. The parameters will now appear to the right. Right click on any parameter and hit ‘map to macro 1’ etc. Note, any parameter you map to a macro will not then be tweakable from its bank position.


If none of the above answers your question, feel free to contact us at info (at) craftedsound.com We’ll get back to you ASAP. Please note we are generally around during normal working hours, European time.