Ultra Analog VA-2 Pack

The Integration Pack for Ableton Push and Applied Acoustics’ Ultra Analog VA-2  

£7.99 (+ VAT for EU customers)


This is the instant way to use Appled Acoustics’ Ultra Analog VST Plug In properly from inside Push.

Quickly integrate Ableton’s Push and Appled Acoustics’ Ultra Analog VA – 2

The Ultra Analog Integration Pack will allow you to:

  • Find Ultra Analog and all its factory presets inside your Push menu
  • Browse through the 700+ factory presets from Push’s screen in their categories  (Ambient, ARP, Bass, Effect, Keys, Lead, Orchestral, Organ, Pad, Percussive, Polysynth, Signature- Richard Devine, Voice)
  • Load up any of the presets from Push
  • Control the knobs and sliders on Ultra Analog using Push’s knobs (and record your tweaks using Ableton’s automation function)
  • Unlock Push’s step sequencer, in key and exotic scales functions for all the Ultra Analog presets